Preparedness Throughout the Cash Assistance Programme Cycle

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Over the past decade, cash and voucher assistance (CVA) has changed how humanitarian organizations prepare for and respond to crises. What was once a limited modality has become a core component in humanitarian responses. This integration of CVA
programming as a main-stay mode of delivering assistance has led organizations to recognize the importance of developing CVA
preparedness measures. However, preparing for CVA programming is a challenging task that requires logistical competencies, such as forecasting, planning, and procurement, as well as having adequate capacities (e.g., human resources, training, and technology). Not having these in place limits the effectiveness of CVA and hinders activities throughout the programme cycle.

The COVID-19 pandemic simultaneously demonstrated the effectiveness of CVA programming for rapid responses as well as the
need for preparedness measures and contingency planning to allow for operational flexibility. As global supply chains faced
disruptions and communities were faced with lockdowns and social distancing measures, ‘traditional’ in-kind assistance was affected and left many humanitarian organizations rushing to set up or scale up CVA programmes. This situation calls into question what the general conception of CVA preparedness is and how we can improve upon it. Thus, the purpose of this research is to understand what is meant by ‘CVA preparedness’ and explore how humanitarian organizations can improve preparatory measures to meet challenges in the present context. Specifically, the utilization of technology, information-sharing networks, and joint initiatives will be discussed in relation to their impact on preparedness for CVA programming.
Event title2021 EURO HOpe mini-conference: Financial, Cash and Voucher Assistance in Humanitarian Supply Chains
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Conference number2021
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