Podcast episode: Textile Reuse  And  Recycling in Finland. What,  When,  How?

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  • TitlePodcast episode: Textile Reuse  And  Recycling in Finland. What,  When,  How?
    Media name/outletSustainability Unwrapped
    Media typeWeb
    DescriptionDid you know we could soon sort used textiles along with the normal waste in Finland? Subsequent to the EU waste directive mandating the member states to establish a separate collection of used textiles by the year 2025, Finland is aiming to start textile collection already by the year 2023 What does this mean and how will it happen?

    To reach this goal, Finland will have to develop a network of local textile collectors and sorting facilities, build, and test the textile processing factory, and find ways to utilise recycled textiles. In this episode of Sustainability Unwrapped, Anna Zhuravleva, Doctoral student at Hanken School of Economics at the HUMLOG Institute, gets together with Emppu Nurminen from Nextiili, an organisation from city of Tampere which is part of the textile collection pilot unfolding in Finland.
    Producer/AuthorHanken School of Economics
    PersonsAnna Zhuravleva