Age, Gender and Diversity: Women Managers and Organisational Policies

  • Jyrkinen, Marjut (Project manager, academic)

Project: Externally funded project

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The Project focuses on age and gender diversity in public and private sector organisations and their management. This is a current theme in Finnish society, where demographic changes, in particular ageing of the population, take place. The Project is based on further development of the applicant's earlier research topics and competencies on issues of gender, management, violations and policies in knowledge intensive sectors of the society. The Project addresses policies and practices within the framework of women in leadership and intersections of age(ism)and gender. The Project is built on the ongoing researcher training of the applicant and extensive national and international cooperation with senior scholars within innovative research environments. It includes intensive researcher training through collaboration and co-writing with senior scholars and other researchers, 5-8 months exchange period in a foreign University (Glasgow Caledonian, Scotland/UK), participation and training in teaching and supervision of thesis at the Department of Management and Organisation at Hanken. The research questions are the following: 1.) How does the age of the women managers impact on their career paths in, in particular in knowledge intensive work sectors? What is the acceptability of women managers of different ages with employees and other managers in public or private organisations? 2.) How do age and gender diversity intersect in organisational work contexts when focusing at two demographically quite similar but also in some ways different countries, Finland and Scotland/UK? 3.) What are the main policies and practices which facilitate inclusion, or exclusion, of women in management in their different life-stages and ages? 4.) What are the differences/similarities concerning women managers' inclusion/exclusion and personal coping within careers in management in public/private organisations in knowledge intensive sectors in the light of state or corporate policies in these two different EU country contexts? The Project comprises multiple research methods and data (survey, interviews and focus groups), and it includes comparative aspect between Finland and Scotland/UK. The quantitative and qualitative data will be gathered in 2008-2010, and it will be analysed in order to produce both scientific and practical implications. The results will be reported in international journals and books. The Project includes reflexive analysis of the interviewees on their careers, and produces feedback and policy recommendations to the organisations and individuals involved. The research aims to contribute theoretically in particular on management, gender and diversity studies, but it also has practical implications on how organisations could develop their policies towards diversity in management and better inclusion of women managers in order to enhance corporate competitiveness. The project is funded by the Academy of Finland
Effective start/end date01.01.200831.12.2010


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