European Network for Research in International Entrepreneurship (ENRIE) – The West Coast Region in Finland

Project: Externally funded project

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The contribution of this project is theoretical and empirical, and it is aimed at the literature on new (international) business ventures. It also adds to central topics of the marketing literature, such as new product development, marketing channel management, supply chain management, and competence development in networks. Finally, the project develops normative suggestions of both managerial and (public) policy relevance. The main part of the project focuses on internationally oriented firms, referred to as International New Ventures (INVs), (Oviatt & McDougall, 1994). It will be examined whether such internationally fast growing firms represent a distinct organizational form. That part of the project builds on the insights gained in an earlier research projects.
Effective start/end date01.02.200431.12.2007


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