Financial Management and Control in Listed Firms

  • Liljeblom, Eva (Project manager, academic)
  • Hansson, Mats Erkki (Project participant)

Project: Externally funded project

Project Details


A research project jointly with researchers from the Stockholm University, Hanken, and Lappeenranta Technical University, in joint co-operation with the Stockholm Stock Exchange (OMX). The purpose of the project is to conduct a large survey, focused on questions concerning Financial Management and Internal Controls, to all listed firms in Sweden, Finland, Debmark and Iceland. The survey covers the chairmen of the board, the CEOs as well as the CFOs of these listed firms. The survey data is intended to be used in several subprojects focused on Corporate Governance questions, Risk Management and Internal Control aspects, as well as questions concerning the relationship between firm ownership and potential short-term pressure for immediate results, that can generete a conflict with long-term value maximization.
Effective start/end date05.01.200730.09.2010


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