• Törnroos, Jan-Åke (Project manager, academic)
  • Spens, Karen (Project participant)

    Project: Externally funded project

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    This research discusses the role of space/geography in developing the existing theoretical models and concepts in the area of business logistics and supply chain management. Logistics can be understood as the system of total material flows and connected information in business activities. It consists of time-space relationships in order to create efficient total material flows (inputs) from sourcing points to final destinations from the firm (markets). Time-related aspects have been emphasized in logistical models and practical research (JIT, TQM and the like). Geography is the other grand concept connecting logistical practice and theory. This geographical perspective is, however, underdeveloped and needs further research and integration in order to combine the idea of logistics coherently. This research gives insights into spatial concepts and the role of geography in logistics. Finally, the conceptual paper gives analytical perspectives of the role of geography in this field together with implications, especially for international logistics.
    Effective start/end date01.01.199531.12.2004


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