• Zashev, Peter (Project manager, academic)

Project: Externally funded project

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The project of our conduct is in the cross point between national and international politics and economics and is therefore a study of an interdisciplinary matter where politics and economics are both presented. The project represents an attempt to find answers within the research area. It tries to avoid the distortions, which may be imposed if the logic and methodology of only one particular science are applied. The activity of IMF has been subject of debates since the organization was founded. However, one major disadvantage is that these critics are often extremely focused and thus narrowed in certain area. The IMF operations might hardly be framed in the borders of one science. Other disadvantage of the existing studies is their relative lack of constructivism since primarily they are concerned with and dedicated to defending certain extreme point of view. This very dogmatic and theoretical approach further diminishes their constructivism. Such approach also rise as a major obstacle for suggesting concrete steps of improving the IMF performance. The problematic of the IMF participation in the process of economic stabilization and development generates enormous academic interest and debate. However its true importance is in the fact that what for the scholars is academic interest for the people involved in economic transitions and reforms so far proves to be a real life tragedy. Thus the true value of the work is connected with the permanent attempt of economists and sociologists to find the right way for nations to live better.
Effective start/end date01.01.199831.12.2001


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