Leadership Pipeline and Quality in Higher Education

  • Stolt, Sofia (PI)
  • Godenhjelm, Sebastian (Project participant)
  • Londen, Monica (Project participant)
  • Cornér, Solveig (Project participant)
  • Peitsaro, Nina (Project participant)
  • Ahlgren, Tommy (Project participant)

Project: Externally funded project

Project Details


The project focus on how quality of teaching is emphasized and valued; how leadership is realised in practice and how students and teachers experience quality of learning and how the pedagogical leadership has changed during COVID 19-pandemic.
Our multidisciplinary research team is represented by members from different faculties from the University of Helsinki and from Hanken School of Economics. All participants are experts in their field with a strong background in university pedagogy and complete each other in their areas of science. Our strengths are wide multidisciplinary expertise ranging from evaluation and leadership, pedagogics, to policy analysis and public management.

Layman's description

The academic environment has become more complex than ever. Demands for efficiency, qualitative teaching and administration, combined with the digital leap taken during the COVID-19 pandemic, has created new challenges in higher education. Responding to these challenges requires a multidisciplinary approach and that's why we have created a network, which enhances cooperation between different faculties at the University of Helsinki, together with Hanken School of Economics.
Short titlePipeline
Effective start/end date01.10.2021 → …


  • University of Helsinki: €15,000.00


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