Legal Transplant for Innovation and Creativity: A Sino-Finnish Comparative Study on the Governance of Intellectual Property Rights (TranSIP)

  • Lee, Nari (Project manager, academic)
  • Bruun, Niklas (Project participant)
  • Li, Mingde (Project participant)
  • Norrgård, Marcus (Project participant)
  • Li, Yang (Project participant)
  • Cadillo Chandler, Dhanay (Project participant)
  • Ballardini, Rosa (Project participant)
  • He, Kan (Project participant)
  • Larson, Kelli Lee (Project participant)
  • Antikainen, Mikko (Project participant)
  • Jongsma, Daniel (Project participant)
  • Liguo, Zhang (Project participant)
  • Zhao, Yajie (Project participant)
  • Tammenlehto, Laura (Project participant)
  • Wechsler, Andrea (Project participant)
  • Liu, Benjamin (Project participant)

Project: Externally funded project


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Social Sciences

Computer Science