The effects of corporate environmental responsibility on product evaluations

  • Kovacs, Gyöngyi (Project manager, academic)
  • Sääksjärvi, Maria Caroliina (Project participant)

    Project: Externally funded project

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    friendliness on new product and company evaluations, it has not taken into account the differential effects of positive and negative environmental actions, nor has it addressed both company and supplier perspectives. This study aims to fill this gap in current literature by examining how corporate environmental responsibility on both the supplier and company level affects company and ultimately, product evaluations. This study is focused on corporate environmental friendliness in business to business markets, in which the target market of the products can be both consumers and businesses. The results show that depending on the target market, the company actions differ towards their suppliers. This is illustrated in the actions that the company takes when negative (not positive) environmental actions have an effect on user evaluations of their products.
    Effective start/end date20.02.200431.07.2004


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