The utilisation of service concepts (Palvelumallien hyödynnettävyys)

  • Kauppinen-Räisänen, Hannele (Project manager, academic)

Project: Externally funded project

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Scholarly research has produced conceptual knowledge that is based on real-life marketing phenomena. An initial aim of these studies has been to produce marketing knowledge as a base for efficient business operation and for improvement of productivity. Thus, an assumption has been that this knowledge would be applied by organisations. Due to the fact that services have a considerable role on several levels of the society and due to its presumable benefits: from providing potentials for creating affluent society to the employment of individuals, it is essential to understand how such knowledge is applied in organisations. This project focuses on the conceptual knowledge linked to services marketing. Hence, even if conceptual knowledge about services-oriented principles and marketing of services is based on empirical research, there is a lack of knowledge on how this marketing knowledge is in fact applied. The project focuses on four conceptual frameworks, namely service quality, servicescape, augmented service offering, and internal marketing. The four themes are closely related to each other, and they are all part of the services process. The research involves 4 case companies. Data is based on in depth interviews and a questionnaire-based survey. The project is funded by Tekes.
Effective start/end date01.07.200503.11.2006


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