Companion robots for well-being: a review and relational framework

Andrea Ruggiero, Dominik Mahr, Gaby Odekerken-Schröder, Tiziana Russo Spena, Cristina Mele

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Addressing the need for more comprehensive research on social and service robots, this chapter offers a systematic understanding of the realm of companion robots and their role in fostering well-being. An integrated framework is proposed that highlights the stimulus-organism-response process, resulting in five dimensions - interface (S), interaction (S), companionship (O), support (R) and well-being (R) - and 13 sub-dimensions. We present three illustrative cases - Vector, Joy For All and Miko - that provide additional details and arguments in relation to our integrative framework.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationResearch Handbook on Services Management
EditorsMark Davis
PublisherEdward Elgar Publishing
Publication date05.08.2022
ISBN (Print)9781800375642
ISBN (Electronic)9781800375659
Publication statusPublished - 05.08.2022
MoE publication typeA3 Book chapter


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