Sustainability – a new dimension in information systems evaluation

Wojciech Piotrowicz, Richard Cuthbertson

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The purpose of this paper is to introduce sustainability as a new dimension of information systems (IS) evaluation. Customers, policymakers and business partners increasingly require the monitoring and reporting of the organisational impact on sustainability. However, traditional IS evaluation approaches are not able to capture the impact of information technology (IT)/IS on sustainability, especially in relation to social and environmental dimensions, so the authors want to stimulate discussion and research related to this area.
This paper is conceptual. However, it is based on the results of an existing related research project focussed on supply chain evaluation.
In order to stimulate discussion and research, the authors propose a framework that was originally developed to evaluate supply chain practices, in which IS often play a major role. The framework is built on three dimensions – economic, social and environmental – which are divided further into three sub‐dimensions. It can be used as a starting point to develop a framework for sustainability‐oriented IS evaluation.
Research limitations/implications
The framework was originally developed for supply chain evaluation; however, it has generic features that can be adjusted or modified in order to be applied to a whole range of IT/IS initiatives
Practical implications
Sustainability and its new dimensions create new challenges for information systems evaluation. Companies require frameworks and tools that can help them to measure and evaluate the impact of IS on sustainability. The researcher's role is to answer such needs and focus on this emerging research topic; this paper aims to stimulate such research.
Sustainability is a new dimension in IT/IS evaluation. Current approaches do not include all sustainability dimensions (environmental aspects are excluded, evaluation of the social impact is limited).
Original languageEnglish
Peer-reviewed scientific journalJournal of Enterprise Information Management
Issue number5
Pages (from-to)492-503
Publication statusPublished - 25.09.2009
MoE publication typeA1 Journal article - refereed


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  • information systems
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