Implicit Gender Biases during Evaluations: How to Raise Awareness and Change Attitudes? Workshop

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On 31 May 2017, a Workshop on Implicit Gender Biases during Evaluations: How to Raise Awareness and Change Attitudes? was organised by
the Gender Sector of the European Commission's Directorate -
General Research and Innovation. It aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of what implicit/unconscious gender biases are, how they intervene in evaluative processes, and how they can be addressed within Horizon 2020.
The first day was an opportunity for the participants to share their experience about implicit biases encountered in their professional activities. Key research evidence was also presented by invited experts, and participants discussed practices already put into place by research organisations from various Member States and Associated Countries in order to mitigate the effects of implicit gender biases in evaluations.
The second day was dedicated to examining the evaluation processes of Horizon 2020, including those implemented by the European Research Council
(ERC) and Marie Skłodowska - Curie Actions (MSCA) . The aim was to collectively identify concrete actions that could be applied across the board in Horizon 2020, and in the following Framework Programme, which would help avoid the impact of implicit gender biases. The workshop gathered participants from the Horizon 2020 Advisory Group on Gender, Horizon 2020 funded Gender Equality Plans projects, the European Research Area Stakeholder Platform and national funding agencies, as well as from EC services engaged in Horizon 2020 evaluations. The material and practices collected during the workshop will contribute to the adaptation of the Horizon 2020 evaluation processes aimed at mitigating the impact of implicit gender biases.

Host and rapporteur of the subsession "Explaining implicit gender biases to policy makers."
Typ av evenemangWorkshop
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