Supply chain digitalization in the shadow of economic social and political challenges: the humanitarian response

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Natural disasters fit into complex emergency scenarios increasing countries’ social, economic, and political challenges. Parallelly,
academics argue that the frequency and intensity of emergency scenarios are related to climate change contributing to policy
approaches weakening the economic growth of vulnerable countries. The floods in Pakistan in 2010 and 2011 submerged 20% of the country’s surface and led to considerable disaster and major economic losses. The floods have indirectly contributed to a sharp increase in political and ethnic violence in Karachi, (Pakistan’s largest city) with a major impact on the social, economic, and political structures. Responding to such challenges, digitalization allows the integration of supply chains by interlinking actors´ activities to increase emergency response efficiency. A focus on digitalization, planning, and management for dealing with complex emergencies is required to be discussed at the supply chains level.
Händelsetitel2021 EURO HOpe mini-conference: Financial, Cash and Voucher Assistance in Humanitarian Supply Chains
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