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Relationship marketing has emerged quickly under the 90s into a holistic marketing management approach. So has traditional marketing communication theory, too (e.g. see market or customer oriented marketing communication or ambush marketing; integrated marketing communication etc.). However, traditional marketing communication does not support relationship marketing because of the short time perspective. This perspective is based on old communication models created by Lasswell or Schramm in the 40s - 50s and hierarchy effect models such as AIDA and DAGMAR, which all focus on one separate phenomenon only. In relationship marketing a holistic approach is the core and the time dimension is central. Therefore a new frame of reference has to be created, where advertising is focused from a relationship marketing perspective. The contribution of such a frame of reference is twofold: firstly, theoretically traditional marketing communication theory is outdated because of limited short time perspective, and secondly, in practice the managers are looking for new ways to communicate with their customers, a part that represents a significant item of company expenditure.
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