Age, Generation, and Changing Work-Life Balance and Boundaries: An Intersectional and Interactive Ethnographic Study

  • Jyrkinen, Marjut (Projektdeltagare)
  • Hearn, Jeff (Projektledare, akademisk)
  • Niemistö, Charlotta (Projektdeltagare)

Projekt: Externt finansierat projekt



The project explores how different age/generational groups of professionals encounter changing work-life balance (WLB). It examines how age- and generation-related dynamics, processes and practices in organisations impact on women and men and their WLB. We examine professionals at different ages and stages in private-sector multinational enterprises (MNEs). Particular areas of interest are: the complexity of age, generations and intersectional dynamics in changing WLB and boundaries; and the importance, impact and implications of WLB for professionals of different generations. The project is strongly international through its emphasis on MNEs, the various methods used (qualitative studies of everyday life and collaborative interactive action research in both Finland and overseas), international mobility, and an eminent international advisory board. It offers theoretical and practical outputs on how and to what extent temporal change is experienced, made sense of, and contextualised in everyday life; the changing nature of boundaries and boundary conditions between spheres of social life in late modern society, and how to assist evaluation of corporate policies and practices on age/generations and WLB.
Gällande start-/slutdatum01.09.201230.09.2014


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