CORE: sCience & human factOr for Resilient sociEty

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CORE (sCience & human factOr for Resilient sociEty) responds to the call SU-DRS01-2018-2019-2020 - Human factors, and social, societal, and organisational aspects for disaster-resilient societies. CORE contributes to Horizon 2020’s focus on secure societies where citizens are facing increasingly threatening situations. It is built on the activities and results of previous and on-going projects and is driven by end-users within the consortium and their wider stakeholder networks. Recent natural and man-made disasters have shown gaps in the level of preparedness of European society for disasters, highlighting the importance of increasing risk awareness, which ensures a direct positive impact on citizen and organisational resilience among people and decision-makers in Europe. CORE will identify and use best practice and knowledge / learning from certain countries, such as Japan which experienced high levels of seismic, volcanic and tsunami risks but where risk awareness is high. Blending this European specific and global best practice we will provide optimized actions and solutions to help restructure and rebuild socio-economic structures after a disaster that is essential for the European society. A key characteristic of disaster response is the uncertainty and dynamics of the situation and, as consequence, the need for an integrated systemic approach able to (i) deliver appropriate and bespoke interventions also according to the human and social specificities in affected areas and populations (ii) empower adequate and collaborative co-management (governance based on socio-ecological systems) of crisis from citizens’ side.
Kort titelCORE
Gällande start-/slutdatum01.09.202131.08.2024


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