EU-CN Comparative study on protection of trade secrets

  • Lee, Nari (Projektdeltagare)
  • Cadillo Chandler, Dhanay (Projektdeltagare)
  • Jongsma, Daniel (Projektdeltagare)
  • Bruun, Niklas (Projektdeltagare)
  • Kur, Annette (Projektdeltagare)
  • Wushuang, Huang (Arbetspartner)
  • Follador, Davide (Projektkoordinator)

Projekt: Externt finansierat projekt



Protection of trade secret, know-hows and other undisclosed business information is gaining more importance in today’s business globally. In contrast to the growing importance, divergence in the regulation of misappropriation in national laws both in Europe and elsewhere creates complexities and hurdles for businesses and industry. There is a desire to (1) improve the general protection of trade secrets and confidential information in the course of trade and (2) to enable adequate level of protection in practice through adjudication of cases concerning misappropriation of trade secret, including trade secret thefts. This study compares trade secret protection in China, USA and Europe with a view to allow decision makers to conduct informed judgement about the policy issues and the positions to be taken vis à vis the ongoing legislative reforms in China.
Gällande start-/slutdatum01.11.201631.07.2017


  • DG Trade: 19 200,00 €


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