FoundIT - Taking E-collaboration techniques into productive use in the construction industry

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Construction field information technology related research in FoundIT-project can in broad terms be grouped into three major categories: * Implementation and management issues of virtual collaboration techniques * Impacts of building product modelling in the construction process and in the virtual construction enterprise consisting of the companies participating a project * Usability of the virtual reality techniques for building design and construction planning Previous research in the area of construction field information technology (ICT) has concentrated mainly on the development of new technologies. However, the human issues, such as usability and organizational impacts, of the technological changes have not been thoroughly investigated. This might be one of the main reasons for the slow adoption of the technological possibilities. Total planned duration of the project is 3 years, volume around 28 man years and planned research results are 10 doctoral dissertations. FoundIT is an active Nordic construction related research forum for post graduate students to get tutoring and benchmark the individual research work with colleagues.
Gällande start-/slutdatum01.07.200531.08.2008


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