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Participation in the Kivako project for 50 hours:

Participation in the KIvako information and guidelines meetings and conception in cooperation with my Kivako pairs of the first draft for the French course CEFR level B2.

Late summer 2019, The CEFR level A1 group should launch the first French Kivako module. This group was terribly late and I involved me voluntarily without any extra founding another 50 personal hours additionally to the 50 founded for this first French module could effectively be launched as plan in Kivako Schedule in September 2019;
Creation for this module of a large range of audio and phonetic activities using Hanken mini labs.
Gällande start-/slutdatum01.01.201831.12.2019


Utforska forskningsämnen som berörs av detta projekt. Dessa etiketter genereras baserat på underliggande ansökningar/anslag. Tillsammans bildar de ett unikt fingeravtryck.