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  • Salminen, Kerstin (Projektledare, akademisk)

    Projekt: Externt finansierat projekt



    Development of a multi mode course in Swedish drawing on experience gained from the project Swedish for Foreigners.The vision is that this concept could expand into modules comprising not only the language and cultural understanding dimensions, but also othes aspects of importance for future business professionales in the Baltic region.The development of the module is taking place in new empowering learning environments that will enrich the teaching/learning process in both oral and written Swedish, fully using the latest technology available. Swedish is a less taught language in the Baltic region. The geographical closeness and the historical heritage should be of great relevance in the mentioned region..
    Gällande start-/slutdatum01.09.200230.11.2003


    Utforska forskningsämnen som berörs av detta projekt. Dessa etiketter genereras baserat på underliggande ansökningar/anslag. Tillsammans bildar de ett unikt fingeravtryck.