NopSA - Nopea Siirtyminen Avoimuuteen

  • Björk, Bo-Christer (Projektledare, organisatorisk)
  • Laakso, Mikael (Projektkoordinator)
  • Shen, Cenyu (Projektdeltagare)
  • Lindman, Juho (Projektdeltagare)
  • Nyman, Linus (Projektdeltagare)

Projekt: Externt finansierat projekt



The NopSA-Project (Nopea Siirtyminen Avoimuuteen, Eng. Rapid Transition to Openness)

There are many who benefit from research articles being made openly available.

Open access availability to an article would increase visibility for both the author and their university. It would enable access to research findings for researchers in other fields, who may lack access to publications outside of their own are. Furthermore, open access to research findings can be of interest to many different parties outside of academia.

Unfortunately, there are many cases in which articles that could be made openly available are not. The NopSA project tries to change that, to make sure that as much of Hanken’s research as possible is accessible to as many interested parties as possible.

Project background and context
Subscriptions to academic journals are becoming more and more expensive – something university libraries worldwide have been struggling to cope with for decades. The higher education sector in Finland faces this same challenge, and subscription-renewal negotiations will soon be initiated with Elsevier as well as other major publishers (

Even for researchers at universities, access to all relevant published research is not a given. The situation is considerably worse when it comes to organizations and individuals outside of academic subscriptions who have little if any access to academic publications.

Authors of journal articles usually have to sign away the right to profit from their published articles to the journal that will publish the article. However, the author commonly retains the right to distribute the final accepted manuscript, identical in content to the final copyedited version. In such cases, making an open access copy of the article available is possible.

About the NopSA project
NopSA is a collaborative project between the subject of Information Systems Science and the library at Hanken. The project runs from April 2015 to December 2016, and is one of five Open Science-related projects funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Project goals
Broadly put, the goal of the NopSA project is to make Hanken a pioneer in Open Access adoption, and to observe and report on that process and its results. This can be categorized into three specific goals:

1. To change practice
2. To inform policy
3. To conduct research

Sharing articles on academic social networks alone (e.g. or Researchgate) is not enough. Firstly, the long-term availability of these articles is uncertain. Secondly, they do not count to the official statistics of Hanken’s open access availability (a metric to be gathered by the Ministry of Education and Culture, starting in 2016). Both to ensure availability now and in the future, as well as to improve Hanken’s metrics regarding open access availability, copies of articles should also be deposited to Hanken’s permanent archive.

The technical infrastructures and processes to enable researchers to archive their research output already exist, but their use remains low. In Hanken’s case, self-archiving is done by uploading a copy of the research article to Haris. In other words, in addition to submitting data about the article to Haris, one should also upload a copy of the article. Then, the library checks for copyright issues and, when allowed, uploads the article to D-Hanken.

The NopSA concept is founded on establishing a personal connection to every researcher, or as many researchers as possible, starting with those most active in publishing. Through interviews, surveys, presentations, and workshops, we hope to reach all Hanken researchers to inform them about the practice and significance of self-archiving.

A bibliometric analysis was conducted at the start of the NopSA project, and the same analysis will be conducted at the end of the project, as part of the measure of NopSA’s success. But retroactively improving open access availability is only a small part of the project goal. A much more significant goal is to change practice, so that all researchers become aware of the importance of self-archiving, and make it a part of their standard practice.

Everyone can contribute to the success of the project!
Self-archiving is easy and worth the little time it takes to provide permanent, free access to your research.

Please add full-texts to HARIS for as many of your publications as possible—every document counts. (It actually does count, as each article counts for 0.5% of Hanken’s total open access coverage.)

The degree of self-archiving in institutional repositories is generally very low, covering a mere 10-15% of the organization’s total research output. Even at Hanken.

Let’s change that, and should show the rest of the Finnish Universities that it can be achieved!

Project Members

Hanken – Information Systems Science
Professor Bo-Christer Björk
Juho Lindman
Mikael Laakso
Cenyu Shen
Linus Nyman

Hanken – Library
Tua Hindersson Söderholm
Staffan Dellringer
Gällande start-/slutdatum01.04.201531.12.2016


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