PALOMERA - Policy Alignment of Open access Monographs in the European Research Area

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Academic books play an important role in scholarly production and research communication. Consequently, open access (OA) policies and strategies should utilise them to promote an open mode of operation across all disciplines. However, most OA funder policies and institutional strategies do not include academic books resulting in a slow uptake of OA for books. The EU-funded PALOMERA project will investigate the reasons preventing OA to academic books across geographies, languages, economies and disciplines within the European Research Area. The project will collect qualitative (including interviews, surveys, and use cases) and quantitative data to explain existing challenges and bottlenecks. PALOMERA will use this evidence to provide actionable recommendations and concrete resources to support and coordinate institutional policies for OA books.
Gällande start-/slutdatum01.01.202331.12.2024


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