SciX - Open, self organising repository for scientific information exchange

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Scientists do research, write papers, review their peer's work and edit scientific journals for free; funded by the taxpayer. They give away the copyright to their work, for free, to publishers. They then subscribe to expensive journals, using public funding, so that they can learn about the work of their peers. In the SciX project we believe that the commercial publishers that take the copyright to scientific work have become and obstacle to an efficient scientific information exchange. The SciX project will, through business process engineering techniques, examine the current and invent new business models, demonstrate that alternative models are technically and economically viable and study the obstacles to the change. SciX is a 24 month project with an EU funding of €1.000.000. Co-ordinated by the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), the partners include Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration (Finland), Icelandic Building Research Institute, e-business company Indra (Spain), Technical University of Vienna (Austria), FGG Institute (Slovenia) and the University of Salford (UK).
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