Academic work and imagination: Reflections of an armchair traveler

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In this paper, I offer an autoethnography of academic work and imagination. I write as an “armchair traveler” who joins others in research endeavors that they have initiated. Imagination takes center stage in what I do: I use my imagination in analyzing empirical materials and in theorizing and writing meaningful research. Together with others, I engage in studies where I am close to the subject of inquiry and feel sameness, but also in research that for me is grounded in difference and otherness. Through my autoethnography, I elucidate the potential and limits of imagination in different research initiatives. Reflecting on my experiences and learning, I discuss how imagination relates to ethico-politics in doing research. I argue that imagination thrives in small acts of generosity in research collaboration, which harbor a sense of togetherness and solidarity. This has implications for understanding academic work that is obsessed with performance in publishing.
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StatusPublicerad - 18.11.2022
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