Actor coordination in disaster rebuild phase: an explorative case study of the 2010/2011 Christchurch Earthquakes

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    The coordination of actors has been a major focus for much of the research in the disaster relief humanitarian logistics discipline. While much of this literature focuses on the initial response phase, little has been written on the longer term recover phase. As the response phase transitions into the longer term recover phase the number and types of actors change from predominantly disaster relief NGOs to more commercial entities we argue that humanitarian values should still be part of the rebuild phase. It has been noted that humanitarian actors both cooperate and compete at the same time (Balcik, Beamon, Krejci, Muramatsu and Ramirez, 2010), in a form of behavior that can be described as ‘co-opetition’ (Nalebuff and Brandenburger, 1996). We use a case study approach to examine an organizational model used to coordinate civil and commercial actors for the rebuild of the civil infrastructure for Christchurch, New Zealand following a series of devastating earthquakes in 2010/11. For the rebuild phase we argue that ‘co-opetition’ is a key behaviour that allows the blending of humanitarian and commercial values to help communities rebuild to a new normal. While at this early stage our contribution is limited, we eventually hope to fully elaborate on an organisational model that has been created specifically for the tight coordination of commercial actors and its relevance to the rebuild phase of a disaster. Examining the behaviour of co-opetition and the structures that incentivise this behaviour offers insights for the humanitarian logistic field.
    Titel på gästpublikation12th ANZAM Operations, Supply Chain , and Services Management Symposium Proceedings
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    FörlagThe University of Auckland Business School
    ISBN (tryckt)978-0-473-29084-9
    StatusPublicerad - 2014
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    Evenemang2014 Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (ANZAM) - Auckland, Nya Zeeland
    Varaktighet: 02.07.201404.07.2014
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