An Experiential Pattern-Matching Teaching Method: Unpacking the Process of Becoming

Daniil Pokidko*, Fouad Philippe Saade, Nadav Shir

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The new venture creation process is essentially different from the process of managing an established business. Scholars suggest that many current mainstream teaching methods and tools used in entrepreneurship education (EE) are rooted in classical economic theory and do not fully address the specific nature of new venture creation. They also point at a shortage of native EE methods and tools developed specifically for the early-stage new venture creation process. We respond to this challenge through (a) a careful scrutiny of one of the most popular EE tools—the Business Model Canvas and (b) a novel and native EE Experiential Pattern-Matching method to support and complement the Business Model Canvas (and other similar EE tools). We advance our theoretical understanding of experience-based learning in EE settings by embedding the Experiential Pattern-Matching method into a Dynamic Experiential Process Framework that assists entrepreneurship educators in developing effective curricula and improving individual- and team-based learning throughout the educational process of new venture creation.
Referentgranskad vetenskaplig tidskrift Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy
Sidor (från-till)1-34
StatusPublicerad - 31.03.2020
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