Anti-dumping activities against China: patterns and effects

Stefano Schiavo*, Chiara Tomasi, Min Zhu

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This paper provides a thorough description of anti-dumping activities in the period 1980–2015, with a focus on measures imposed by the European Union and the United States. We document a series of stylized facts, such as the emergence of China as a major target of administered protection, the concentration of duties in few sectors, and the increasing share of intermediate goods subject to anti-dumping measures. Product-level information on Chinese exporting firms shows that anti-dumping does indeed reduce exports and it has an impact on both the extensive and the intensive margin of trade. Moreover, the price of targeted products tends to rise marginally, so that the fall in export quantities is particularly strong.

Referentgranskad vetenskaplig tidskriftEconomia Politica
Sidor (från-till)7-30
Antal sidor24
StatusPublicerad - 04.2021
MoE-publikationstypA1 Originalartikel i en vetenskaplig tidskrift


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