Artificial intelligence and the relationship with business ecosystem theory

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Artificial intelligence (AI) research has so far neglected to study the interplay between firms in AI innovation ecosystems. Thus, knowledge of crucial industrial transformation risk being lost. It is not only of importance to understand what changes AI brings to the market, it is also of importance to understand why and how changes have come about. This paper therefore first proposes a dynamic model of how new entrants and incumbent firms engage in artificial intelligence based business. Second, this paper also proposes a research agenda based on three major AI related research questions and a set of 12 subsets of research questions. All of these questions are aimed at understand what is going on in AI innovation ecosystem development.
Titel på värdpublikationEURAM 2019 Conference Proceedings
StatusPublicerad - 26.06.2019
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EvenemangEURAM: Exploring the future of management - ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal
Varaktighet: 26.07.201928.07.2019
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