Born globals: Propositions to help advance the theory

Mika Gabrielsson*, V. H.Manek Kirpalani, Pavlos Dimitratos, Carl Arthur Solberg, Antonella Zucchella

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Although born globals (BGs) have now been studied for over a decade, theory and practice are still evolving. This article was written to clarify the definition of a Born Global (BG) firm and to describe the three phases-introductory, growth and resource accumulation, and break-out to independent growth as a major player-through which BGs progress. Drawing from empirical evidence, it was found that the risks, resource development, channels/networks and organisational learning of BGs develop during the three phases through which successful BGs pass. However, this process deviates considerably from that followed by traditional internationalising small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Born Global entrepreneurs and academics can learn much by studying the causes of these differences.

Referentgranskad vetenskaplig tidskriftInternational Business Review
Sidor (från-till)385-401
Antal sidor17
StatusPublicerad - 2008
MoE-publikationstypA1 Originalartikel i en vetenskaplig tidskrift


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