Diverse talent management in a remote work context: The role of digital learning and artificial intelligence

Charlotte Jonasson, Emma Nordbäck, Jakob Lauring

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The integration of talent management and diversity management has gained
considerable scholarly attention. This is primarily due to recent developments in
the labour market which have created shortages of specialized skills within
business organizations. Concurrently, advancements in technology have
facilitated the adoption of more flexible work arrangements, including remote
work options. However, research on the management of diverse talent in remote
work environments is still limited, and few ideas have been presented on how to
deal with talent management in remote work contexts. This is an important
omission because the inclusion of minority group members is an important
theme in Human Resource Management and talent management research. This
study argues that a deeper understanding of digital learning including the use of
artificial intelligence could represent a foundation from which to improve diverse
talent management practices in remote work settings. Accordingly, the objective
of this chapter is to discuss the effect of the remote work context on diverse talent management and the role of digital learning and artificial intelligence in
overcoming problems associated with this situation. Finally, we briefly illustrate
our discussion with excerpts from qualitative interview data. The article provides
important knowledge relevant to managers dealing with talent management
from a distance.
Titel på värdpublikationThe necessities for talent and skills enhancement in the workplace
RedaktörerAMF Pelser, HS Nagy, J Thondlana, IJ Oosthuizen
FörlagAxiom Academic
ISBN (elektroniskt) 978-1-991239-21-1
StatusPublicerad - 2023
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