Smart City Logistics for Sustainability in Helsinki

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There is an increased need for more sustainable city logistics solutions and cities play a key role as enablers. Challenges like global warming has made city actors increasingly aware of their role in finding sustainable solutions. The goal of this study is to explore the development of sustainable city logistics solutions from a city-internal perspective, utilizing technological frames as a lens.

The research employed a single case study methodology, looking into various actors in the city of Helsinki. Interviews and secondary data were used, and respondents encompassed city department officials responsible for traffic, environment, and business development as well as regional development firms and program initiatives focusing on last mile and urban development pilots.

This study finds that in general, the actor in the City of Helsinki frame sustainable city logistics emphasizing innovation and technology. There is a fragmentation of efforts and a lack of unity that can be observed in the discrepancy between the importance of the overall goal of carbon neutrality and anchoring sustainable city logistics solutions to this target through actions. The heightened emphasis on innovation, carried out by the private sector, to reach city logistics sustainability could result in a more passive role for the city in developing sustainable city logistics solutions

Practical implications:
This research offers new insights for city actors and company managers working with city logistics. The study can help in guiding development of sustainable city logistics solutions.

The research contributes to a better understanding of the role and influence of city actors on city logistics sustainability development. The technological frame perspective provides a better understanding of how internal city actors, and their actions are aligned and how potential incongruence in goals is manifested.

Keywords: City logistics, sustainability, innovation, actors, technological frames
Titel på värdpublikationProceedings of the 13th Annual International Conference on Logistics & Transport
StatusPublicerad - 27.09.2023
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Evenemang13th International Conference on Logistics & Transport (ICLT)
- Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland
Varaktighet: 27.09.202329.09.2023
Konferensnummer: 13


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