Social Responsibility in Transition of Stakeholders: from the School to the University

Loreta Tauginiene, Jolanta Urbanovič

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This chapter guides the reader to an understanding of social responsibility in educational settings, namely on school/university social responsibility (USR). The phenomenon of social responsibility in these settings is nuanced when encountering stakeholders, either external or internal. This chapter conceptualizes school/USR and describes related stakeholders and their management strategies. In addition to this, the chapter discusses eight transition lines of stakeholders developed on the expectations of stakeholders, the degree and the format of engagement and impacts on society and institutions: pupil-student; teachers-academics; parents; alumni; future employers; business sector; funding providers; and society at large. It concludes that a managerial pattern while implementing social responsibility by involving stakeholders differs by educational setting. This is to say that school social
responsibility is rather carried out through process, whereas USR concerns both process and outputs. This distinction results in introducing the definition of school/USR as a commitment toward performance based on ethical and other conventional principles that are respectively substantiated in the mission, values and related activities in the interplay with all possible stakeholders in order to create social value foremost.
Titel på värdpublikationStakeholders, Governance and Responsibility
RedaktörerShahla Seifi, David Crowther
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ISBN (tryckt)978-1-78756-380-3
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StatusPublicerad - 2018
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NamnDevelopments in corporate governance and responsibility
ISSN (tryckt)2043-0523


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