Strategic ethnography 2.0: Four Methods for Advancing Strategy Process and Practice Research

Mikko Vesa, Eero Vaara

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Although slow to enter mainstream strategy research, ethnographic methods play an important role in studies of strategy processes and practices. In this paper, however, we argue that the potential of ‘strategic ethnography’ has not yet been fully realized. In particular, we maintain that there is a need to complement conventional non-participant, observation-based ethnography with other ethnographic methods. This leads us to suggest four methods that will help advance contemporary research in strategy processes and practices: auto-ethnography which can provide a better understanding of the lived experiences of different types of strategists in different settings; video-ethnography, which allows detailed analysis of strategic practices in their sociomaterial context; comparative ethnography, which enables comparison of processes and practices in different settings, and virtual ethnography, which will further our understanding of the virtual aspects of organizational strategy work.
Referentgranskad vetenskaplig tidskriftStrategic Organization
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StatusPublicerad - 11.2014
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