Strategic stakeholder integration in service innovation – focusing on value-in-use

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ABSTRACT Strategic stakeholder integration in service innovation – focusing on value-in-use
Purpose The study develops a view to shift focus from exchange value to value-in-use. The empirical context is construction business and the underpinning idea in that the study considers a “House” as service from an end-user perspective.
A big construction company’s 15 strategic stakeholders were invited to a workshop to gather around one specific one-family housing concept (brand) for service innovation. Stakeholders developed the housing concept in the workshop based on end-user narratives, which were collected from 8 inhabitants. The collected narratives focused on discussing ‘the house’ as part of their everyday life.
Findings Three main findings can be reported on: First, stakeholders reported on new ways to develop their own designing and building processes. Second, stakeholders realized that the housing concept as such is a service from the end-user’s perspective and requires every stakeholder’s input to become one. Moreover, they realized that the housing concept can be an issue to gather around together and they have a role in the whole service setting. Third, value-in-use was discovered and experienced as a perspective for service innovation. The approach also worked as a way to understand other stakeholder’s views in the housing concept.
Research limitations/implications
The study focuses on one big company in the construction business with an existing housing concept. Further studies are invited in other business contexts using narrative value-in-use data for service innovation. However, the implications are that service innovation should rather focus on the use than construction process. Moreover, companies may also be unaware of who their relevant strategic stakeholders are and in what service processes they are part of.
A part from this paper, few papers report on service innovation from a value-in-use perspective. Moreover, few studies focus on service innovation through strategic stakeholder integration in a business-to-business context.

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Evenemang2012 Cambridge Service Week - Cambridge, Cambridge, Storbritannien
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