Talent Management in the Business School Context

Ingmar Björkman, Adam Smale, Tomi J. Kallio

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In this chapter, the authors review talent management in the research university sector, business schools in particular. The authors adopt an “exclusive” perspective on talent management, assuming that some scholars contribute disproportionately to organizational performance. The authors identify two particular groups of scholars likely to be the target of exclusive talent management practices in business schools: (i) faculty on a tenure track career path and (ii) “star” tenured faculty with exceptionally strong track records. Focusing on these current and potential future “stars,” the authors review and discuss talent management practices related to talent identification, recruitment and selection, performance management, talent development, benefits and rewards, and tenure, promotion, and retention. In the extant literature, these topics have been mostly examined in the general university environment and less so in the business school context. This is somewhat problematic given that business schools have their own special characteristics. Moreover, some of the reviewed topics – especially talent development – have received only marginal scholarly interest thus far. Based on this literature review, and by drawing on their own experience working in different roles in academia, the authors highlight some of the gaps in the current body of knowledge and propose an agenda for future research
Titel på värdpublikationTalent Management : A Decade of Developments
RedaktörerDavid Collings, Vlad Vaiman, Hugh Scullion
ISBN (tryckt) 978-1-80117-835-8
ISBN (elektroniskt)978-1-80117-834-1
StatusPublicerad - 2022
MoE-publikationstypA3 Del av bok eller annat samlingsverk


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