The evolution of green supply chain performance measurement: A research agenda for the next decade

Sarah Shaw, David Grant, John Mangan

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Performance measures must evolve as new challenges are met and the natural environment is one of the biggest challenges facing society today. A cross-disciplinary interest in the field of sustainable or ‘green’ supply chain management has grown amongst researchers and practitioners in recent years and is considered a source of competitive advantage due to climate change concerns, diminishing raw materials, excess waste, and increased levels of pollution. However, despite the importance of this topic to supply chain researchers and practitioners, very little work has been conducted in developing green performance measures and reporting tools for the supply chain. This paper updates Shaw et al.’s (2010) work that identified key gaps and tracked the developments in the field of green supply chain performance measurement (GSCPM) and provides a research agenda for the next decade.

This paper employs a comprehensive literature review and citation analysis of the work in the field of GSCPM to explore developments globally, identify gaps and to develop a research agenda for the next decade.

The study found forty-eight papers in the field of GSCPM published between 1950 and 2016. Analysis of these papers revealed a significant amount of work on the impact and relationship of GSCM practices on organisational performance. However, only thirteen papers specifically identified, discussed or developed GSCPMs and only seven of these had empirical studies. The study also identifies key contributors to the field as well as setting out a research agenda for the next decade to address the knowledge gaps found.

The paper will be valuable to academics working in the field of green or sustainable supply chain performance measurement who wish to understand how the field has developed and evolved and what the key areas are for future research and theory development. The paper will also be useful for practitioners to consider which of the most-used or popular GSCPMs might be adopted in their respective organisations.
Titel på värdpublikationProceedings of the Colloquium on Green Logistics Management
StatusPublicerad - 29.09.2016
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EvenemangColloquium on Green Logistics Management: Balancing Environmental and Shareholder Priorities - Naples, Italien
Varaktighet: 28.09.201630.09.2016


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