Thousand Plateaus: A geology of collective action among organizations

Héloïse Berkowitz, Sanne Bor

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/konferenshandlingKonferensbidragVetenskapligPeer review


Collective actions among organizations, or inter-organizational arrangements, take incredibly diverse empirical forms. Literatures studying these phenomena have irreconcilably focused on their network dimensions or organizations dimensions. This paper seeks to move beyond the network/organization dichotomy by developing a method for a geology of inter-organizational relations. To do so, we build on Deleuze and Guattari’s concept of rhizome. We develop an analytical ‘rhizome framework’ that studies six elements in inter-organizational arrangements: connections among organizations, heterogeneity, multiplicity, asignifying rupture (impact of a breach in the connections), cartography of interactions, and decalcomania. We provide a different and complementary understanding of inter-organizational arrangements as a stratification of more or less rhizomic forms. We define a research agenda on categorization of arrangements based on our rhizome framework.
Titel på värdpublikationProceedings of British Academy of Management Conference 2017 : Re-connecting management research with the disciplines
FörlagBritish Academy of Management
ISBN (elektroniskt)978-0-9956413-0-3
StatusPublicerad - 09.2017
MoE-publikationstypA4 Artikel i en konferenspublikation
Evenemang2017 British Academy of Management conference (BAM) - Warwick Business School, Warwick, Storbritannien
Varaktighet: 05.09.201707.09.2017


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